The CHOCOWORKSHOP – The highlight for the next generation of chocolatiers.

Doesn’t everyone dream of personally creating their own, absolutely favourite chocolate, at least once?

At the RITTER SPORT CHOCOWORKSHOP this dream becomes a reality for children and adolescents; here they become great chocolate masters. Under the guidance of RITTER SPORT chocolate experts, 16 children at a time can completely create, shape and package two different varieties of RITTER SPORT chocolate. Exciting information on Cacao and Co. rounds off the one-hour creative workshop.

This offering for school classes, kindergartens, private groups or individual children can be combined with a visit to the CHOCOEXHIBITION or a tour of the RITTER MUSEUM (groups). The workshop can be booked in advance for groups or individual children. However, because of high demand, we are unable to offer exclusive workshops for groups of less than 16 children. This is in order to try and allow as many children as possible to take part. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Important information for adults/parents/chaperones:
The concept of the RITTER SPORT CHOCOWORKSHOP is based on providing children the greatest room possible for personal creativity – naturally, under expert pedagogical guidance. This works best when they are among other children and not “influenced” by Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or Uncle. We are sure you know this from children’s activities. Please understand that, therefore, adults (such as school class chaperones) will only have very limited access to the “children’s area”.

During the workshop, you can allow yourself time for inspiration at the RITTER MUSEUM instead. Stroll through the chocolate exhibition, browse the CHOCOSHOP for your favourite varieties or relax in the MUSEUM-CAFÉ. At the end of the CHOCOWORKSHOP, the little chocolate masters will very happily and proudly present you with their self-made chocolate in “their” own packaging!

The RITTER SPORT CHOCOWORKSHOP can be booked from Tuesdays to Sundays. Reservations and further information are available at +49 (0) 71 57 / 97-704 or directly in our german online booking tool. Please remember that many little people want to become great chocolate masters and, therefore, there could be longer waits at peak times. For this reason, plan your trip ahead of time to the fascinating world of chocolate!

Important information at a glance:

Age brackets:

Private: From 7 years old (no escort)

Kindergarten: Preschool children (Maxi-kids, with two caregivers)

Schools: From 1st year (with teacher)

Age limit: 18 years old

Contribution toward costs:
€6 per participant; lower contribution for schools and kindergartens: €4 per participant

Booking: Reserve a date right away using our german online booking tool, demand is high!

Reserve a date right away using our german online booking tool, demand is high!