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Iron is the most abundant trace element present in the human body. Important sources of iron are pig liver, leguminous plants, oats, and calf meat. The percentage of iron is not the only important factor...  read on

*Jamaican Rum* - A Caribbean blessing. 31afb0281a17cc367dd97cbaa52aed57

Spanish settlers introduced sugar cane farming and the art of rum distillation to Jamaica in the 15th century. The island state is a part of the Greater Antilles and possesses rich, fertile earth and a perfect tropical climate...  read on


Lactose is a disaccharide (disugar) and consists of the single sugars, glucose and galactose (brain sugar). A 4.6 - 5% content of lactose makes it the highest represented carbohydrate in milk. Lactose is either...  read on


At RITTER SPORT, only vegetable lecithin, made from soya beans, is used as an emulsifying agent. Emulsifying agents make a chocolate mass more fluid. This promotes an even and intimate combination of all the ingredients...  read on

*Lemon* - The golden headed slave. E5c3f994fcdf6f43c71495153d883698

Lemons (Citrus limon) have a yellow-green peel and a yellow, sour flesh. Lemon trees grow up to 5m high and have aromatic smelling, leathery, dark green leaves. They are populated throughout the year with unripe...  read on

*Liqueur* - A swig in every piece. 00333eaa5e33d64de6a8dda72b1ea9cd

Liqueurs are spirits with added sugar and taste enhancing substances or flavourings. High-quality liqueurs, such as advocaat, Batida de Coco, and Irish Cream, are used in...  read on


Magnesium plays a key role in the healthy functioning of the heart and circulation. It is involved in muscles and nerve cells...   read on


Magnesium is a chemical element, a positively charged ion. It is important for bones and teeth and for energy production in the body. It also transports impulses between nerves and musculature. It also...  read on


Maize is a member of the grass family, Poaceae. It is a cereal that is counted among the most important basic foodstuffs in many countries. It is a member of, like sugar cane or millet, the so-called, C4 plants. These are...  read on


Maltitol is a high-quality sugar substitute that (via the intermediate stage of malt sugar) is made from starch and, usually, maize or potatoes. Maltitol ensures excellent taste and has less calories than sugar and fructose...  read on

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