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*Cocoa Beans* - Pick, roast, savour. 6869a11d6a0bb42e2d0879d639dcb51d

Cocoa beans are the seeds of cocoa fruit. Cocoa butter and cocoa mass, which are essential parts of chocolate production, are made from them. It is only by roasting cocoa beans...  read on

*Cocoa Butter* - It makes chocolate melt on your tongue. B84aaeada91b606c6c8e3de32b809898

Cocoa butter is the fat in cocoa bean seeds. It is found in the seeds' leaves and is usually extracted by means of pressing. It is a particularly consistent and...  read on

*Cocoa Fruit* - Quality bears fruit. Or the other way around. 6dce4b883264b197616dc244ccd90d6a

Cocoa fruit is generally described as a pod. In botanical terms, however, it is a dry berry. It is short-stemmed, 15 to 30cm long, and 7 to 10cm thick...  read on

*Cocoa Mass* - The mass makes it. F32d7cfef0423549e8d52740fbca757a

Cocoa mass is a semi-finished product. It is made from cocoa beans that have been cleaned, roasted, peeled, and ground. Finely ground cocoa mass is a basic product for chocolate and cocoa butter production...  read on

*Cocoa Powder* - The powder that makes the world happy. 71c309b31c0eb91deb64c8c45b972bf5

Cocoa powder is used in various ways nowadays. Its range of application possibilities is broad: from food decoration to chocolate-like fat glazes...  read on

*Cocoa Tree* - From the shade into the light.                    1d648e7910b025407a56fd1c23680728

The Latin term for the cocoa tree is Theobroma Cacao L(inné). Translated, this means, “food for the gods”. A declaration of love by known cocoa lover and Swedish natural scientist, Carl von Linné, who gave...  read on

*Cocoa* - Whether divine or not - our chocolate is holy to us. A19045c06d9917c1d5e35c3518557fec

Prussian diplomat, George Hesekiel, is quoted to have said, “Chocolate, the turkey, and the pineapple are three things for which anyone who eats, really...  read on

*CocoHeal* - Good health can also be a snack. 90d8ce407fc7f2675034194498a76052

CocoHeal is another name for N-phenylpropenoyl-L-amino acids. This a health-promoting substance that was first isolated in cocoa in 2005. It can stimulate growth of the skin cells...  read on

*Coconut Flakes* - That something so exotic can be square. De59883d4467a693a3ceb068fcd65a1b

This light coconut delicacy is made by grating the firm, white flesh of fresh coconuts and drying it. The coconut flakes used in RITTER SPORT Coconut come from Indonesia...  read on

*Coffee Chocolate* - Coffee and cocoa - beans in duet. F4711cfb2228468d7945370ca0784dc8

Coffee chocolate possesses a clearly perceptible quantity of coffee or coffee products. A chocolate composition with instant coffee powder is used in RITTER SPORT...  read on

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