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Sorbitol syrup is an aqueous, colourless solution with a pleasantly sweet taste. Its sweetness, like sorbitol's, is about half of sugar’s. Sorbitol syrup is made by hydrogenating glucose syrup...  read on


Spices serve to refine and round off flavour. They are the parts of plants whose flavourings stimulate our appetite. It depends on the plant as to which part of it is used as a spice. With cinnamon...  read on

*Square* - Geometrically and gourmetrically perfect. 390f1c09aaa0bde1c3bc3f19660de25d

The square (from the Latin, quadratum) is a geometric shape with four sides of equal length and four right angles. The chocolate square was...  read on

*Strawberries* - Delicious in every form. Especially when squared. 85dc167ceb1af233c5092d269e55f30a

Fragaria ananassa is the queen of the soft fruits. 96% of all people like to eat strawberries. In botanical terms, however, the strawberry is not a berry but...  read on


Sucrose (chemical name for sugar) is a disaccharide (disugar) that consists of glucose and fructose. Because of its sweetening effects and its influence on the consistency and mouthfeel of chocolate, it is one of chocolate's most...  read on


Sugar alcohols (e.g. sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol, isomalt, lactitol) result from the reduction of their respective mono and disugars. They partly occur in nature, for example, sorbitol, and are usually less sweet than sugar...  read on


Sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum) is a member of the Poaceae family and is common in tropical and subtropical countries. Its history probably began in New Guinea. Today's main cultivation regions are India, Australia...  read on


Sugar usually describes monosaccharides, which consist of one sugar component, and disaccharides, which consist of two sugar components. The most important monosaccharides in food are glucose and...  read on

*Sugar* - Precious crystals. 775bea50a295e8a5928321fce3d699b4

Sugar is a sweet tasting carbohydrate that occurs in many forms in nature. Sugar plays an important role in our diet. There is a difference between cane sugar made from sugar cane and beet sugar made from sugar...  read on

*Sultanas* - Berry strong but still sweet. F41c918f096a8edf783950fc88cc511b

Raisin is the generic term for all dried grapes. The sultana owes its name to the fact that it took more than one hundred years before farmers achieved their goal of growing a seedless grape. The new variety was...  read on

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