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Nutritional content indicates how much energy, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and minerals there are in food. This information is usually based on a 100g portion. External factors such...  read on

*Nuts* - Pretty crunchy. 9145d7957d5c34523de1ffd1fd5e54d8

The variety of nuts on offer is exceptionally diverse. Nuts are a high-quality food that possess a high nutritional content. They are small power-packets, whose high fat content supplies the body with...  read on

*Orange Pieces* - The fruit that’s got what it takes. B1c3b0218d99a8c01bd3ceec6779c44d

Oranges are chock-full of vitamins. Their vitamin C content is particularly high. However, carotin and B-vitamins are also plentifully present. Oranges consist of up...  read on


Oxalic acid, also called, clover extract, is an organic compound. It is present in large quantities in rhubarb, but is also in black tea, spinach, beetroot, and nuts. Oxalic acid is poisonous in high doses...  read on

*Packaging* - Chocolate friendly, environmentally friendly. 6fd4baf7b9be2ad16867a6563257f263

A chocolate bar without packaging is not only wrapperless and looks like any other chocolate bar. It is unfit to be transported to chocolate lovers all over...  read on

*Peanuts* - Ripened below ground. Delicious above ground. E7601fa0abdebea5b8a2c612eebef58a

Peanuts are the fruit of the peanut plant. After blooming, the flower withers and the stalk elongates, bending towards the earth. In doing so, it buries its fruit...  read on

*Peppermint Oil* - Fresh on the tongue, even after a long journey. 38884725781347f7b38d65702cbea838

This essential oil is obtained from peppermint plants by means of distillation, extraction, and/or pressing. It is a colourless to yellowish liquid. It is very...  read on

*Peppermint* - Smells good, does good, tastes good. 3fc6f9b56d1fbc9046ee06c5e94eccb9

Peppermint is a member of the Lamiaceae family. Its essential oil helps with migraines and colds. In tea, it calms the stomach and helps against intestinal...  read on


PEA is naturally produced in the body and is partly responsible for people having feelings of happiness. It quickens the pulse, increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and stimulates the central nervous...  read on


Phosphorous is, after calcium, the most frequently occurring mineral in the human body. It is indispensable for humans. Organic phosphorous compounds are involved in nearly all life processes. They are important building...  read on

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