Product details 250g Alpine Milk Chocolate:

Further information:

Nutritional content

Based on: 250g/1 bar: 100g/14 pieces:
Energy in kcal/kj 1355,00kcal/5673,00kJ 542,00kcal/2269,00kJ
Protein in g 20,00 8,00
Digestible carbohydrates in g 137,50 55,00
Sugar in g 133,28 53,31
Dietary fibre in g 6,75 2,70
Fat in g 80 32
Fatty acids Please open Please open
Cholesterol in mg 48,80 19,52
Vitamins Please open Please open
Sodium in mg 163,50 65,40 (11,89%)²
Calcium in mg 517,50 207,00 (20,70%)*
Iron in mg 2,50 1,00 (10,00%)*
Copper in mg 1,38 0,55 (55,00%-36,67%)¹
Theobromine in g 0,05 0,02
Caffeine in g less than 0,13 less than 0,05
BEU (Bread Exchange Unit) 11,46 4,60
*% Recommended Daily Allowance (100g = 14 pieces of chocolate. This supplies at least YY% of the daily required amount of the above mentioned nutritional values. This is based on the RDA of an average male adult aged between 25 – 51 years-old. Individual nutritional recommendations may vary, depending on a person’s gender and age, as well as their patterns of physical activity.)
¹ % for a correct daily allowance (estimated)
² % for a minimum daily allowance (estimated).

This analysis data is subject to the usual biological variations of natural products.

Advice for allergy sufferers

Alcohol o Egg o
Gluten x Milk products xxx
Nuts xxx Peanuts x
Soya xxx  
contains xxx | contains traces of x | does not contain o

As a small extra service, you can find information on allergies and chocolate in our quality dictionary. Look under A for “advice for allergy sufferers”.


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